Terms of Use for Membership

Welcome to the MichaelKJones.net Website, this site is owned and operated by Michael Jones and Spirit Source, LLC.

Automatic Renewal

If you purchased a Stand Alone one-time payment course, than there is no renewal, only a one time payment.

If you purchased a monthly subscription product, your Subscription will continue on a month-to-month basis (“Subscription Term”) and will automatically renew at the end of each month unless you choose to cancel prior to that renewal. Your account will automatically be charged at the rates communicated at the time of purchase. You will not receive notice in advance of your monthly subscription renewal.

Service Cancellation

If you purchased monthly subscription, it will renew automatically, unless we terminate it or you cancel your Subscription by going to your Member page, click to "My Account > Billing", select "Cancel Subscription". You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation by email. You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid being charged for the next month on your credit card. Your Next Billing Date can be found on your Member page, "My Account > Billing".

You may cancel your Subscription at any time (see procedure above). There is no cancellation fee. Your cancellation will become effective immediately upon receipt. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to any content.

We reserve the right to cancel your Subscription at any time if you fail to pay amounts owing to us when due, violate or breach any of these Terms, or for any other reason in our sole discretion. If your Subscription is cancelled, you will still be responsible for payment of any outstanding balances accrued through the cancellation date.

Fees and Payments

You agree to pay the monthly subscription fee at the rates communicated when you made your purchase. We will bill all charges automatically to your credit card. Subscription fees will be charged at the beginning of your subscription and renewed each month thereafter. Unless we state in writing otherwise, all fees and charges are nonrefundable. If your subscription includes access to areas containing premium content or services, such as, but not limited to, private coaching services, your access to such areas and services may be subject to additional fees, terms and conditions.

If you want to use a different credit card or there is a change in credit card validity or expiration date, you can change the information on your Member page by going to "My Account > Billing", in the right margin, click on Update Payment Info.


You are responsible for any fees or charges incurred to access a Service through an Internet access provider in order to access your membership subscription content. You are responsible for any telephone charges incurred, including long distance usage charges from your telephone service provider if you call in or access any of our live events. 

Our subscriptions fees can change after your subscription is twelve months old. If there is any change in your subscription fee after twelve months, we will notify you in advance of such change.

Access to recorded archived content of any Live Calls will remain in your account for six months.   


Michael Jones, MichaelKJones.net and Spirit Source, LLC reserve the right to make changes to the MichaelKJones.net Website, posted policies and these Terms of Use at any time without notice.

These Terms of Use were last revised on September 8, 2017.