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Classes taught by Michael Jones, Amazon Bestselling Author, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Spirit Source and The Inner Light Group.

Michael Jones has been involved in individual and group self-development, leadership, and spiritual coaching for over twenty-five years.

Michael has the ability to make deep topics easy to understand. He uses his awakened spirituality and applies it to the day-to-day challenges we all face, resulting in self discovery and spiritual illumination.

Michael lives in the United States, where he continues to write, teach classes, and host live and on-line workshops on a variety of spiritual topics.

About This Site

    “I created The Enlightenment Series to offer relevant and lasting spiritual guidance that has the potential to make a REAL difference in your life. I hope you'll give these classes a try!”

In this level of The Inner Light Group, you'll receive a series of progressive and enlightened spiritual lessons.

Topics and teachings that can be applied to your everyday life, right away.

  • Discover how to release past hurts and pains you may have,
    •     Learn how to overcome current challenges you may have in your life right now (relationships, career, financial issues),
    •     Understand why certain things in life happen the way they do,
  • Make a breakthrough in your spiritual understanding and awareness, this has proven to have positive benefits in all aspects of one’s life,
  • Gain a clear understanding of key spiritual laws; they act as our navigation system,
  • Learn how to get in touch with your spiritual self; reconnect with your soul’s purpose,
    •     Finally discover a time-tested model for creating abundance in your life,
    •    How to see with the eyes of the soul,
    •    Learn the secrets of the Masters...
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    You'll have access to your first class immediately, the second class a few days later.

    After the first month, if you like the spiritual teachings offered in the lessons, you'll continue to receive 2 one-hour lessons every month for only $18 per month. You can cancel the lessons at anytime. There’s no cancellation fee. That's how confident I am in the value of these lessons.


    Go ahead and get started for $1. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

    Peace and much love :)



    "I listened to one of your classes tonight and was amazed. You are truly a bright light and the moment I heard your voice I heard nothing but kindness and love. Thank you for sharing!"



    SECTION 1: Inner Light Group Course Lessons

    Lesson 1:

    Welcome! Introduction. Perceptions, Beliefs and Mental Maps


    Lesson 2:

    Understanding Who We Are


    Lesson 3:

    The Higher Self and the Lower Self


    Lesson 4:

    The Love Based Thought System


    Lesson 5:

    The Fear Based Thought System


    Lesson 6:

    The Ego's Weapon of Fear and Guilt


    Lesson 7:

    The Power of Thought & Creative Energy


    Lesson 8:

    The Power of Prayer


    Lesson 9:

    The Power and Purpose of Meditation


    Lesson 10:

    5 Steps Towards Self-Mastery - Introduction + Steps 1 and 2


    Lesson 11:

    5 Steps Towards Self-Mastery - Step 3


    Lesson 12:

    5 Steps Towards Self Mastery - Steps 4 and 5


    Lesson 13:

    The Raging War Within and the Principle of Polarity


    Lesson 14:

    Inner Peace, Joy and Happiness


    Lesson 15:

    From a Soul's Perspective: A Journey Through Life and Dea...


    Lesson 16:

    From a Soul's Perspective - Part 2


    Lesson 17:

    From a Soul's Perspective - Part 3


    Lesson 18:

    Spirit Guides, Guardians and Angels


    Lesson 19:

    The Secrets of Forgiveness: Common Myths & Misconceptions...


    Lesson 20:

    The Secrets of Forgiveness: Common Myths & Misconceptions...


    Lesson 21:

    What is Your Soul's Purpose and Personal Ministry?


    Lesson 22:

    A Message from the Divine Mother


    Lesson 23:

    How to Become Aware of the Still Small of Divine Guidance


    Lesson 24:

    The Priceless Question and The Divine Manifesting in Life


    Lesson 25:

    Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation - P...


    Lesson 26:

    Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation - P...


    Lesson 27:

    Winning at the Game of Life: The Art of Manifestation - P...


    Lesson 28:

    Becoming a Magnet for Attracting Abundance into Your Life


    Lesson 29:

    Heal Yourself and Make Room for Miracles in Your Life


    Lesson 30:

    The Chakra System and Energy Body - Part 1


    Lesson 31:

    The Chakra System and Energy Body - Part 2

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